Carried between the whispering needles of the Pine and the eloquent ramblings of fluttering Elm leaves, is the trees' account of Thomas H. Bleasdale.

Once drawn to the magical realm of the forest under the auspices of logging, Tom was receptive to learning the secret language of the world of the woods. By the sacred Ash, Tom was taught the full wisdom of the forest, and suspended all limiting beliefs. The physically demanding work of the lumberjack required Tom to become as one with the mighty Oak. Finally emerging from the forest with his physical body strong, and armed with an indefatigable constitution, Tom's heart was grounded to the Earth below, and his spirit now connected to the Universe about. Tom had become alive, awake and wild — he had become the Spirit Man of the Forest.

In 1985 spirit led Tom and his family to Phoenix, Arizona, where he has since lived and served among the valley's community of healers.

Tapping the mystery of the forest, Tom has become an unorthodox and irreverent magician in his craft of human healing. Allowing spirit to guide his hands, Tom has perfected the art of reflexology, and developed masterful techniques for hands-on manipulations of the entire body.

Tom brings an abundance of personal experiences from the healing modalities, as well as the spiritual works of masters and innovators such as Neville Goddard. Polished in the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tom has found that if used effectively and consistently, EFT can remove stubborn emotional and psychological blocks that obfuscate the magic that exists all around us.

Being a guest in Tom Bleasdale's universe will soften your body where it has become rigid, touch deep into the gift of your emotional world, clear your mind's tendency for confusion, and inspire the spirit within — the spirit that is you and will forever be you. But don't expect all seriousness. Bring your sense of humor and prepare to be enchanted by Tom's good-natured trickery, and elfin playfulness.