Matter is the lowest level of spirit and
spirit is the highest degree of matter.

Long ago, working in physically demanding environments, Tom realized that working on his forearms and shoulders eased pain and soreness in his hands. This encouraged him to work on any sore areas that he could reach and from there he found that he was essentially capable of self repair. Having tapped into this practice Tom has journeyed on the path of discovery of bodywork that has lasted over 30 years and continues on into the future.

The art of working with bodies is ancient, and Tom, having taken many courses in different types of bodywork, massage and cross-fibre therapy, merging techniques from various methods, and adding literally tens of thousands of hours of experience, has become a true artist. Much of what Tom does he learned from one body. His own. His bodywork is guided by experience, presence, intention and intuition. He helps his clients to not only relieve stress and feel better, but encourages them to learn to work on themselves. About a third of Tom's clients are therapists, MDs, Rolfers, chiropractors, dentists and healers, who recognize the value of the quality bodywork that Tom delivers.

The focus of Tom's bodywork is therapeutic rather than relaxing. Though most of his clients would tell you how totally relaxed they feel when the work is done, it's definitely not a "rub down." He uses mostly his hands, sometimes elbows and forearms to do the physical work. For really great work the client works with Tom through breathing for example. Since there truly is no separation of body–mind–feelings–spirit, sometimes emotions will rise to the surface and release. That's great!

Book a bodywork session with Tom for you or your loved ones. For a lasting effect Tom advises booking multiple sessions at regular intervals of time.