God sleeps in stone, breathes in plants, dreams in animals, and awakens in men.
—A Hindu Proverb

Throughout his life Tom has been highly sensitive to the energetic component of human experience. As a gifted healer and curious explorer, he has found and tested many techniques that rely on the power of the mind, emotion and energy to bring about desired changes in his own life and lives of his clients.

Tom has an uncanny sense of uncovering the newest and the oldest practices and creating his own blend of applying these practices in daily life. He has studied Psych-K, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Access Consciousness, among many modalities of conscious self-change, and has had hundreds of successful sessions with clients applying his knowledge.

From following in the footsteps of the great imaginist Neville Goddard to working with medicine men from all over the world, Tom has a lot to offer to his clients in the realm of holistic life change. This work requires dedication and daily practice, so be prepared to not only receive Tom's knowledge and insight, but to work daily on your own with the tools he provides.

Whether you would like to have clarity of emotion or mind, Tom can aid you on your journey of change. Book a holistic healing session for you or your loved ones to get started. For a lasting effect Tom advises booking multiple sessions at regular intervals of time.