If you're feeling out of kilter, don't know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work it out.

Tom first learned of Reflexology in 1970. His friend, who later became a chiropractor, told him about two small books by Eunice Ingham - Stories The Feet Can Tell and Stories The Feet Have Told. Tom bought both books, taught himself and practiced on himself and willing and sometimes not so willing friends with wonderful results.

What is today called Reflexology or Zone Therapy is, to Tom, as old as mankind. Working the feet with a slow deep kneading pressure quickly produces a very relaxing, calming effect in the body. After all, rubbing and pressing sore feet and hands is intuitive. Ancient healers of Egypt, India, China and Japan, to name but a few places in this vast world, would understand, appreciate and value a Reflexology treatment, as Tom practices it today.

Mildred Carter's three books on Reflexology for the feet, hands and the whole body were an inspiration and source of both information and delight for Tom. His wife and he actually drove across country to meet Mildred and when they met he asked to give her a treatment. She willingly accepted. At the end Tom hesitantly asked how she liked it. She smiled, saying "You're one of the best I've seen!"

Since 1970 Tom has done over fifteen thousand reflexology treatments. Today, more than ever in history, he feels Reflexology is invaluable, doing what it has done for thousands of years: dramatically lowering stress levels and helping the body balance its energies. Stress reduces the body's efficiency and too much stress can destroy a person. It matters little whether its source is physical, mental or emotional, the ancient art of working with feet to reduce stress still works today!

Book a reflexology session with Tom today for you or your loved ones. For a lasting effect Tom advises booking multiple sessions at regular intervals of time.